Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some Quick Points

I spent some time writing photojournals today, which are a requirement for my program (I will put these up), so here are some quick updates:

- I may or may not be teaching a lesson on Monday. This is not completely clear, but I will plan as if I will be teaching.
- A student asked me if I watch iCarly, and then told me I look like the character Gibby.
- Visited a village outside of Kumasi, and learned how a family makes beads. They have been perfecting the trade for 200 years. Definitely got a few Christmas presents here.
- Got caught in our first torrential rain last night while on our way to some sort of party/event at the University.
- I am eating well - mostly rice with every meal. I would die for some Frank's hot sauce, because it's getting pretty repetitive.
- Rode in a tro-tro (shuttle bus), and bumped Biggie and Tupac with the driver in the front seat.

Here are a few pictures (click to enlarge):

Washer. Dryer. 

Here is one of my classrooms. My cooperating teacher,
"Princess Lady Diana," as she jokingly introduced herself,
is writing a test that the students are taking.

This is my buddy Frank. Dad says that
grandpa Frank is always looking after me,
so I guess it is no coincidence that Frank is
the boy who helped me order food for the first time.


  1. I love seeing the pictures. Frank is adorable. You class is bigger than I imagined. Hope some of the beads are for your momma.

  2. Hey mike, frank is soooo cute!! I'm going to start doing laundry ur way lol....babylon had a mother blowout yesterday in east Hampton. 49-6 just to keepbu updated..jets r doing pretty good right now we r winning at the half...u don't want to jinx it...u look great. I wish I could send ubsome brownies and franks red hot sauce!!😆😆. love momma Cosby😊😊😊