Friday, November 8, 2013

Some Exploration

The school we are teaching at had some sort of a midterm holiday, so we did not go to school today. Instead, we decided to explore Kumasi a bit.

We began the day at Tech Junction, which is an incredibly busy and overwhelming market. The closest thing I can compare it to is a street fair  that takes place in the middle of the street. Every step we took either brought us in contact with a vendor pushing his or her product, a taxi cab blaring its horn, or one of the many women (sometimes men) selling various goods from the buckets that they carry on their heads. We all went with the intention of finding some sort of fabric for our shirts or dresses, and seamstresses and tailors who can make them.

The girls knew of the seamstress they wanted to go to, and were consumed by the many different types of dresses that could be made. As for me, I had to find someone to make my shirt. While the girls went back and forth on the types of dresses and types of fabric they would like to use, the process for me took roughly 3 minutes. I walked into a little hut, asked a man to make me a shirt, one of his workers brought me to the fabric, I picked out a crazy pattern, pointed at a shirt type, got measured, and paid. I pick up my shirt on Monday, and I can't wait to see how it comes out.

I don't like to shop, so luckily, we had time to have a beer break:

This little outdoor bar was a cool little spot. It had a lot more lizards than the bars I go to in the States. We even watched one hunt down a fly and eat it. 

Some of us were craving pizza, so we asked a cab driver to bring us to somewhere with pizza. I think all of us were craving a little bit of America, and the pizza did the trick. We also got some french fries, just because. 

The restaurant was right outside of Baba Yara Stadium, which is a soccer stadium that houses various professional clubs from Kumasi. We are trying our best to coordinate a time and date to see a professional game. This is a student teaching experience and a cultural experience, and from hearing about soccer (football) every day, wherever I go, I think seeing a game would be a very important cultural experience. 

We kind of just walked into the stadium. Notice the Ghanaian Flag
in the stadium seats. 

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  1. Mike-

    Somehow I knew you would sniff out the Beer. Good Work!! Jets are on a bye this week, so you don't have to hear it from the Haters.