Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick Points

  • I thought I was invincible while climbing rocks, but days later, I am still hurting. 
  • Some of the older women in the teacher's lounge call me "baby cheeks." Take that however you want to.
  • It's sad to admit, but I was experiencing some serious McDonald's withdrawals yesterday. 
  • I performed a one of my "Daydream Project" raps for the class and got a standing ovation.
  • I got a sweet shirt made from some crazy fabric by a tailor, and I am going to wear it to school tomorrow (I'm sure there will be pictures)
  • The malaria medication makes me have crazy dreams. I don't have malaria though, so I am okay having the dreams. 
  • In about a week, I will be incredibly homesick because all of my friends and family will be home celebrating Thanksgiving (but about a week after that, I will be home!).
Some positive feedback from students after my lesson.

I swear I don't make them wear the box on their heads.

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